Garbage Management Strategies

If the waste that has been accumulating on your retail store's property has become troublesome, use the strategies that follow. A Waste Consumption Report A waste consumption report analyzes the amount of hazardous and non-hazardous waste that is generated at a place of business. This type of report can be conducted through a waste management app. Knowing where trash is coming from can help you make some smart choices that will lessen the amount of trash that you encounter in the future. Read More 

Handling Hazardous Waste

Hazardous substances have dangerous effects on humans or the environment. Many forms of waste are hazardous, whether they are chemicals from a production factory or chemicals in your own home (for example, some kinds of paint). Hazardous waste can be solid, liquid, or gas. For some substances, there are EPA laws you must follow for proper disposal. Hazardous waste in homes include chemicals and materials that are flammable, highly toxic, or potentially explosive. Read More 

Asbestos Inspections to Ensure Your Home Is Free of Hazardous Particles

There are materials that were used in home construction that are hazardous and no longer used. You probably know about lead paint, but modern homes can also have asbestos. Asbestos is a mineral that creates dust particles that cause respiratory problems. In some areas of your home, these asbestos materials are not an issue, but they are a problem when they are inside your home and create air-born particles that are a health hazard. Read More