Garbage Management Strategies

If the waste that has been accumulating on your retail store's property has become troublesome, use the strategies that follow.

A Waste Consumption Report

A waste consumption report analyzes the amount of hazardous and non-hazardous waste that is generated at a place of business. This type of report can be conducted through a waste management app. Knowing where trash is coming from can help you make some smart choices that will lessen the amount of trash that you encounter in the future.

For instance, if the report identifies that you throw away a lot of plastic waste on a recurring basis, you may decide to switch to paper products. Using reusable materials, such as cloth bags, could also reduce the amount of trash that is generated at your retail store. A waste consumption report can be conducted periodically. This will allow you to keep track of how much trash is generated at any time of the year.

New Waste Management Practices

The manner in which you collect and store trash may need to be updated. If you are currently providing a limited amount of waste containers for your employees to use, adding more receptacles to your property could be beneficial. Larger containers will hold more trash. This could lead to not needing to have your trash picked up as often as you normally do. As a result of this simple change, you can save money.

Adding more trash cans to your property will encourage people to throw trash away. As a result of supplying more containers, you may deal with less litter. The outdoor environment will remain clean and orderly. A clean environment may attract new clients to your business.

A Recycling Plan

Many recyclable materials wind up in landfills. This is bad for the environment, plus it is wasteful. If you currently do not require your employees and patrons to recycle materials, add a recycling plan to your waste management program. Contact a representative of the trash company that currently picks up waste materials from your commercial property.

Inquire about recycling services. The waste management company may feature rental containers that can be used to store recyclable materials. Order enough containers to store plastic, cardboard, glass, and other renewable materials that are frequently thrown away at your place of business. Once your waste management company drops the containers off, place them in an area that both your employees and customers will be able to easily access. 

For more info about waste management services, contact a local company.