Asbestos Inspections to Ensure Your Home Is Free of Hazardous Particles

There are materials that were used in home construction that are hazardous and no longer used. You probably know about lead paint, but modern homes can also have asbestos. Asbestos is a mineral that creates dust particles that cause respiratory problems. In some areas of your home, these asbestos materials are not an issue, but they are a problem when they are inside your home and create air-born particles that are a health hazard. Here are some tips to help identify asbestos and have your home inspected.

1. Drywall Texturing That Contains Loose Asbestos Materials

In the past decades, textured drywall finishes have been a popular way to finish homes. The problem is that these materials have asbestos in them sometimes. If you have a home with popcorn ceilings or other drywall texturing, then these materials may contain asbestos. Since the materials can easily come loose, they cause asbestos particles in the air. Contact an asbestos inspection service to test any texturing you have in your home.

2. Asbestos Insulation Products That Are Found in Older Homes

Insulation is another material that often contains asbestos. It is not found as much in newer homes, but homes that were built before fiberglass became popular often have asbestos materials. The asbestos is even more dangerous when it is a type of blown-in insulation, which you will want to have tested by an inspection service. This asbestos material will need to be handled by a specialty hazardous-material removal service because of the particles it contains.

3. Asbestos Tiles, Siding, and Roofing Products That May Need Removal

Asbestos is also used in material like roofing, siding, and tiles. Usually, these materials are not too much of a problem because they are outside of your home. The problem is when you have things like asbestos tile in your home that may need to be removed. Also, home additions can leave asbestos siding exposed in your home, and it is best to have the material tested and removed to ensure your home is safe and free of health hazards. Outside of your home, the siding and roofing materials can be left if they are not disturbed. If you do remodeling, then you may need to have them tested and removed by a professional service.

Identifying asbestos materials is the first step in getting rid of this type of health hazard in your home. Even materials used in recent decades contained asbestos. Contact an asbestos inspection service such as Hutzel & Associates, Inc to test for this mineral and help with getting it removed.